NASA astronaut thinks aliens haven’t visited Earth because we don’t have a cancer cure yet… huh?

Just days after Apollo 12 launched on November 14, 1969, astronauts Charles “Pete” Conrad and Alan Bean hovered out of the spaceship and onto the surface of the moon. They were the third and fourth astronauts, respectively, to step foot on the moon’s dusty gray surface. Their mission was to gather seismic, scientific, and engineering data on the moon.

Former Navy pilot and commander of Apollo 12, Charles Conrad, passed away suddenly in a 1999 motorcycle accident. Former Navy captain and lunar module pilot, Alan Bean, is still living at age 85. He resigned from NASA in 1981 and is now an artist who paints prized portraits of lunar environments. “Even if I lived to 185 years old I wouldn’t run out of ideas of things to paint on this topic,” he said. He paints seven days a week and his artwork sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece.

Former NASA astronaut talks about the possibility of alien life
Alan Bean has spent 1,671 hours in space, so his paintings are like eye-witness accounts for what’s really out there. In an interview at his home in Houston, Texas, Alan Bean gave an interview and spoke of many things. Aside from his love of art and painting, he began to open up about the possibility of alien life and reasons why extraterrestrials wouldn’t visit a place like Earth, at least for now.

“There’s so many billions of stars and these stars have planets around them so there must be statistically many planets around many stars that have formed life,” he said. “Maybe some of them are like our life was 100,000 years ago, and some of them are like we are now, and there are probably some out there that are 10,000 years in the future from where we are now.”

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