After Comey confirmed Trump investigation, the question becomes: Who in the Obama administration ordered it?

During FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence earlier this week, Democrats and Republicans on the panel asked questions that were primarily aimed at forwarding each party’s agenda.

For Democrats, their priority was establishing that President Donald J. Trump’s March 4 tweets accusing his predecessor of ordering his “wires tapped” at Trump Tower were factually wrong and wholly inappropriate — Comey said he has “no information” substantiating Trump’s tweeted allegations. And of course, whatever Democrats’ priorities are, those are the same priorities of the wholly discredited liberal Washington media.

For Republicans, they wanted to know if there was any evidence to the Democrat narrative that “Russia hacked the election” and was able to actually influence (as in change) votes on behalf of Trump. Comey said there was no evidence of that either. And of course, whatever Republicans’ priorities are, those are what the wholly discredited liberal Washington media ignores.

But the real story that emerged from the hearings and Comey’s testimony was his admission that, since July 2016, Team Trump — that is, members of the Trump presidential campaign — actually has been under investigation by the Obama FBI and intelligence apparatus for months before the November election. (RELATED: Comey confirmed the essence of Trump’s claim that the Obama administration was investigating him)

That means President Obama had to know that his administration was actively investigating the presidential campaign of a rival political figure.

The real question then becomes: Who ordered the probe? The FBI works for the Justice Department; was it former Attorney General Loretta Lynch? Was Obama himself involved in the process? Because in order for it to happen, someone with ‘rank’ within the Obama White House had to order the probe into Team Trump.

But that question seemed to escape members of both parties on the House Intelligence Committee on Monday. And yet, it is the most relevant one of all, because answering it would also go to motive.

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